Sunday, April 02, 2006

a night of the oscars - part I

I was there when it happened. The red carpet, the glittering stars. Limousines arriving one after another, and babes stepping out from the vehicles one after another. Drum rolls, and the winners were announced.

Okay, I lied. That was the real Oscar, in which Ang Lee won the best director award through The Brokeback Mountain (I haven't watched it, and my back is not broken, ok?) and I was not there. I was in another Oscar though, my company's very own night of Oscar. We had our annual dinner on the 1st of April, and it was themed 'A Night of the Oscars'.

The dinner was held in Hall 3 and 4 (I think, the two halls of ground floor) of KL Convention Center. There was no Red Carpet rolled out to my disappointment. Oscar statue was 're-painted' to silver instead of its original gold. And, it was holding our company's logo. Yeah, you can tell what company I am working for right now. Secret revealed.

The stage design was pretty cool eh? Not bad.

After registeration at the counter, we were eligible to enroll ourselves for best-dress award. I join in the crowd, as well, but merely just for the fun of it. Everyone was given one of this wrist tag, just like the one they gave you in Genting Highland's one-day-unlimited-access-wrist-tag. I was given '0603', a number that represents one of my friend's birthday. Hehe. Not bad. I like 6 myself. But, too bad, that did not get me any lucky draw prizes.

The function started around 7pm. Before the official kick-off, our GCEO (Group CEO), Ms Bridget Lai gave her speech, and revealed the strategies and such. I gave my attention to the speech, but only to understand probably half of it. Hehe. She was talking on bank strategies, commercial, consumer and corporate. *yada yada yada...*

I'm new to this banking industry. (FYI, I am in its I.S. department. I am no banker) Well, at least I get to learn new stuff.

The interior.

The DJ... I didn't get his name though. He started the performances for the night.

First, we had in line for the night was dancing performance by Switch (or Swiss) Production Dance Team. Pretty amazing display I would say.

Pretty elagant dance performance. These are only pre-show performance though. Plenty more to come.

Then the dance team welcomed the host for the night - *drum rolls* I forgot her name. Well, she appeared in the movie Sepet as the maid.

She has got a great voice, powerful vocal. She performed numbers great numbers of Bee Gee's, and.. Stand by me, and etc. Great host.

It was the company's 5th Birthday (5th under current brand name). For your info, the bank has been around for about half a decade.

More dance. And someone caught my attention.

I personally think this girl looks cute and sweet. Don't you think so?

Special performance by the senior management team.

And, guest starring Tom Cruise of Mission Impossible... NOT. And, of course, this is not a shot of cetak rompak (illegal dubbing from cinema). This is one of the scenes which the event organizing team compiled for our banks' video. We had sales rally earlier on, and I am not too sure what that was about. I was not involved. Pretty nice effort by the production team. Impressive.

Pierce Brosnan, a.k.a the previous James Bond, making special apperance in the cetak rompak yet again.

Harpist with the harp. Nice music. However, little people showed appreciation to her effort. Everyone was busy eating, and no one applauded her. So sad. She had to play several numbers in a row before retreating to the backstage, to have her meal (I assume so).

Gosh, I think this entry has gotten a little bit too long. I'll divide it into two chunk, with me calling this point the first part.

I will continue the next part of it as soon as possible.

to be continued...


Anonymous said...
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a2blog said...

You sound as though you're giving a Thank-You note in Oscar. Haha.

Anonymous said...
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Louis said...

please stop this bullcrap...

anyway i think allen did a fantastic job of capturing the interesting moments of the night... but why most of the photos that u took are from tv screens???

a2blog said...

Thanks Louis.

Why most of the photos are from TV Screens ah? Well there are reasons:

- Camera hasn't got enough zoom to zoom to the stage.

- The table I am sitting is kinda far off from the stage, though near, it is still far.

- I don't want to be the extra cameraman running around the stage just to take photo. It'll look weird, as I'll be the only staff running about with the camera.

- I am not quite used to this camera (Olympus). I am more accustomed to my own Canon camera. I miss my Canon. :(

That's why loh.