Friday, April 28, 2006

setting my sight on...

For a short update before I go off to Malacca tonight.

There will be one more entry I'd like to share, but it'll be a heavy load of photographs. So, I'll upload when I'm back from Malacca early next week.

Kuala Lumpur, it sure does have most of the things people want, like nice cars, babes, entertainments, and some nice city view, which is good for photography-lovers.

Time Square and its reflection off another building.

I wandered off around Bukit Bintang area that day. And, I saw this!

"Sarawak - Paradise of Borneo" - very well-said, indeed.

I am setting my sight to do a review on this shop next time round, hopefully soon.


babyphoenix said...

love the building pics.. i bet ur into photography.. since sooooooo many photos in ur blog :D

a2blog said...

babyphoenix: i wouldn't really dare to say that i'm THAT into photography. i have interest though. i'm just practicing around, while sharing what i see thru the lens with everyone. ;-)

hope you'd like the photos i take.