Wednesday, April 12, 2006

langkawi trip: day 1

Soon after I set my feet in the island, I went to my friend's place for some rest. We stayed in the apartment till after lunch, then we made moves to go around the island. But before we went off, I was rather... bored in the apartment. There was no TV, no internet, nothing there... the only other being she had in the apartment is this...

I got bored. So took some random shots of the kitchen.



First stop: Beringin Beach

My first destination for Day 1 would be the Beringin Beach. I was told that it has a nice beach view. But really, when I was there, I was somewhat disappointed. The beach was small, and short. No wonder there wasn't anyone on the beach at that time.

Nothing much to note in this beach...

Anyway, here are some shots I took.

"Welcome to Beringin Recreation Center, Langkawi Malaysia"

Colourful signboard, huh?

Empty beach with just a sampan parked at bay.

How can a beach shot be without coconut shots?

Since there wasn't much to see. I soon left that beach, and headed off to the waterfall - the Durian Beringin Waterfall.

Durian Beringin Waterfall, it wasn't too far from Quah. It was about 15-18 minutes of drive. My expectation was a great, mighty waterfall. I was all hyped up! I couldn't even recall when my last visit to a waterfall or a hiking trip was.

When I reached the place, my friend dropped a quickie on how long to reach the waterfall.

"Yang bawah, 5 minit aje. Yang atas, lebih kurang 12 menet," the local dude there explained.

That translates 'It takes 5 minutes to see the bottom one, as for the top one, 12 minutes' walk.'

So, off we went.

Some 10 minutes later.

This is what we got, after climbing all the steep cases. Crap! No offense, but it's like a puny pee. Not exactly a waterfall. I remembered the one in Borneo is much greater, and mightier.

I did not go into the waterfall as there were some local kids playing around in the water. Water was too 'crowded' at that time.

A peep around the waterfall area. Nice looking forest. I bet you don't get to see these greens in KL huh?

The local dude we bumped into earlier went up guiding foreigners to the spot. I then popped another question, "Is there any more further up from here?"

"Yeah, ade. Tapi tak besar, cukup untok 2-3 orang saje. Untuk orang honeymoon-lah!"
(Yes, there is. But, it isn't big, only fit for 2-3 people. It's for honeymoon..)

Hidden meaning behind the words. But I never bothered to go further up to explore. The fall doesn't look that nice.

Weird thing happened when we were taking our rests before heading back down. A butterfly (not sure if it's a butterfly, butterfly, or possibly others) seems to be finding itself comfortable with my friend's leg.

It kept on resting on her leg, especially her red toe nail.

Warning: The following photos are not of a foot fetish. Please take note.

After Durian Beringin Waterfall, we hit back home for a swim (in the pool) before eating out. I must apologize for not including any food photographs, as there is not much of special varieties available.

But, something worth mentioning is the price for the seafood are relatively cheap. For dinner, there were dishes of fish, squid, and prawns. It costed us about 47 ringgit for 3 ppl.

Not too bad huh?

Next stop - Tanjung Rhu Beach, Black Sand Beach, Telaga Hot Spring (Wells), and etc.

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