Monday, April 03, 2006

a night of the oscars - part II

.. continued

And I was talking about the harpist, and her harp of course. She made two appearances that night. She had two sessions. And, I could guess that not many people paid attention to her. Sigh. That must be depressing, being under appreciated. Few in the crowd tried to initiated a grand applause, a standout oviation for the harpist. Eventually, that did not work, even after several attempts. It sort of worsened the atmosphere, made it looked so lame.

What is it with Malaysians? At times, being ignorant.

Speaking of the food, there is no photos on the food served. This is because the food was not served in a whole. We all had a pre-defined, pre-set portions of dishes served in to our face. So, it wouldn't be nice to include in the photo.

After the harpist, comes one of the attraction of the night. Well, I would label this as an unexpected package itself.

The company's Group Chief Financial Officer (GCFO), Mr.Phillip Goh, staged an outstanding performance. He performed two numbers - both being classic oldies. He showed everyone on the floor that he meant no monkey business even it's off work.

Mr.Goh performed two of the famous numbers around - L-O-V-E and You Raised Me Up. He captured the floor not only with his vocal, but also his sikly dancing move. He was really like a star. Handing out such a performance in a tux surely isn't an easy task. But he did it. Adibah Noor (Thanks to Mira, I now know the name) paid him a tribute after his awesome performance!

I wonder what Simon Cowell, or Malaysian Idol judges have to say on his performance. If there was any Idol show back then. I could bet my wager on him being the finalist! No kiddin'!

Mr. Goh's performance was followed by a series of Alliance All-Stars' performances. There were live band performing. Umm.. I think all performers were Malay, and Indian. I couldn't recall any Chinese staff there.

They had Malay songs, Hindu (or Tamil) songs and English (Got or not?) songs, and also Cantonese song! (YES! Make no mistake!)

I swear I could remember it well, as they attempted to sing Beyond's famous song. (Info: Beyond is one of HK's famous rock band. Their original lead singer died in a stage accident bout a decade ago.. or longer.) They sang 光辉岁月 guanghui suiyue. Frankly, I couldn't really make out what they sang for the lyrics, and, I have heard better performance during my varsity days. Yes, performed by Malay band as well. Regardless, I guess they deserved some respect for their courage and effort. It was a great effort anyways. It isn't an easy song to perform to start with.

By the way, there were 'Spice Girls' performing some dance. Too bad I couldn't take any shot at them. This cam is draining power too fast. Not power efficient. I miss my old camera. Sigh. I'll be hunting a more power efficient camera now.

After the All-Star performance, the DJ came out to entertain the crowd whilst preparation were made for the upcoming segment. This time round, he wasn't alone. He brought along four babes. They were four of many Switch Dancers (It's Switch, confirmed in office.) Four leggy dancers.

The crowd was involved. DJ asked us to dance along, and he will have the dancers to demo how it is to be done. It was a funny dance. Jokingly, he announced whichever table made the best moves, stood a chance to win one of the four girls there. How I wish it were true. Hehe. They were real babes up there.

Here, are some sequence (not quite of sequence-shot) of the cute dance.




The dancers were obviously shy initially, probably due to the awkward moves. But, eventually, they quickly settled themselves. Their moves became swift and smooth. They were really good, very sporting. I really enjoyed watching them dancing. Really enjoyable.

Since LOTR (Lord of the Rings) made big names with its trilogy, and Matrix has its own trilogy, I think I should make my night of the oscars a trilogy too. *Grin*

Too tired to continue actually. I am not feeling too well, need plenty of rest. So, I guess I'll round the whole event up with my third episode.

Stay tuned and Goodnight!

to be continued...


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