Sunday, April 23, 2006

expect the unexpected - bkt bintang

My weekend was a lazy weekend. I was really lazy to do anything at all.

I wanted to send my car for servicing, but was too lazy. I wanted to settle my statements, I was again too lazy.

In the end, a friend suggested me to bring along camera and just to walk around the city, I may bump into something. Well, I took his advise, and equipped myself with the Olympus camera. Loaded with batteries and memory cards, I was ready to go.

I headed off to Berjaya Time Square. I always park my car there whenever I am heading to Bukit Bintang area. I feel safer to park there. I just hate the traffic around Sg. Wang area, and the parking around that area is too darn expensive for open-air parking. It could cost up to RM 6.00 per entry!!! Bloody slasher!

Berjaya Time Square carpark offers a maximum rate of RM 4.00 for weekdays (Mon-Fri), while for weekends (Saturdays & Sundays) and public holidays charge a maximum rate of RM 6.00. Pretty reasonable.


Berjaya Time Square... Magneficient-looking piece of work isn't it?

I never really know that there was any activity going on in Time Square. I hadn't got time to read through newspapers or watchout for banners. I was surprise to see people gathering around the centre court of the Lower Ground Level in Time Square.

Red Carpet? Looking familiar?
It's not Oscar... But something similiar.


Look, Ma! Sid and Scrat from Ice Age 2!

It's the... Movie Carnival!!!

They're having this Movie Carnival 2006 in Time Square from 22-23 April 2006.

They have a range of goodies to put on display in this Movie Carnival, mostly are collectors' items, e.g. LightSaber from StarWars, LOTR's miniatures and etc. Also, they are putting up non-stop trailers for the upcoming blockbusters in the Summer (for U.S., which is equivalent to May-July in Malaysia).

Some of my personal recommendation/preference for the upcoming blockbusters this summer are:

  • The Da Vinci Code (Starring: Tom Hanks)
  • X-Men III: The Last Stand (Starring: Hugh Jackman)
  • Superman Returns (Starring: The man in Red undie!!)
  • Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest (Starring: Johnny Depp)
  • Poseidon (Directed by: Wolfgang Peterson)
  • M-i-III (Starring: Tom Cruise)
  • Cars (Pixar production)

  • Others Worthy of a Mention Movies:
  • Lady in the Water (M.Night Shyamalan production)
  • Over the Hedge
  • Open Season

  • .

    Doesn't everyone just love Scrat??


    The Ice Age members are giving their best efforts in meeting the fans!

    Now, walking on the Red Carpet...

    Along both sides of the red carpet, the organizers have displayed a series of movie-related colletor's items.

    Looking familiar? StarWars fan (die-hard ones) will LOVE this! Complete replica!

    Look like I'm very much of a StarWars fan as well! I forgot to take photos of other items! Not even LOTR's!

    The Red Carpet leads to this Poseidon gateway.

    The tv was behind a water-filled glass, to simulate the actual scene in Poseidon.

    It has very cool motion-detector-image projected on the floor there.

    The motion-detector is designed in such a way that whenever there is movement over the projected 'water', it simulates and creates water ripples there. It was fun!

    Watch out folks, Poseidon coming to your way this May 11th.. Be prepared, or be washed out!

    Now.. another notable structure in the carnival is this X-men stand.

    The X-Men stand stood in the middle of a wall made of posters of the upcoming movies.

    666 - seems catchy. I wonder what it's about. Anyone knows?

    Higher view of the movie carnival.

    The only things which I didn't really like were on stage. Hmm.. I don't know who they are.. But to me, they were giving amatuerish view on the upcoming blockbusters. Also, I just dislike their fake accent. Most of them were faking out an accent, which was obvious!! Eeww... The only thing I like on stage at that time was the LightSabre! (Note: Far Right on the picture!)

    Guess who else I met that day?

    V for Vendetta.

    The Black Rider (a.k.a. The Nazgul) of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

    The Nazgul claiming another of his victim in search of Frodo and the One Ring...

    More to come on the Movie Carnival.

    Some Beauty Tips

    Just as I wondered around Time Square, I came to discover of other events going on concurrently with the Movie Carnival 2006. Here's one of them.

    It appears to be some beauty tips given by a Taiwanese fame.

    The talk or demo is held in effort to push sales for some beauty products.

    It doesn't really interest me, so I didn't bother to find out what it's about. Nevertheless, I took some photos just for eye opener!

    Will continue on the coverage on Movie Carnival. Tired now, I MUST sleep!

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