Sunday, April 16, 2006

langkawi trip: day 2 - black sand beach

Next stop: Black Sand Beach

But just before heading over to Black Sand Beach, my friend dropped by the Air Hangat Vilage. Air Hangat, hot spring in Malay language, is situated near Mt. Raya Golf Club. It isn't that near, but if you're referring to this map, then, the hot spring is somewhere there.

I must say, the hot spring was a disappointment to me. First of all, the hot spring isn't exactly hot. And there was no pool of hot spring around, where you can dip yourself in it. Hmm.. Also, due to some other constraint, I decided against taking photos there.

(Click on the photo above to enlarge.)

The piece of paper read: WELCOME TO THE ONE OF LEGEND.
Doesn't that just sound weird and incomplete to you? It is just all wrong.

We didn't even stay long. We left the place within 10 minutes.

Black Sand Beach...

Very informative piece of board. It is introduction about the Black Sand Beach.

The English column reads:

Black Sand Beach

Black Sand Beach is a unique stretch of beach boasting of black sand instead of the powdery white sand found on the island's other beaches. Its Malay name, Pasir Hitam, means black sand. The black sand has resulted because of the distinct mineral and soil composition found here - a mixture of granite with deposits of tourmaline, ilmenite and zircon. However, accroding to local folklore, the original sand was transformed into black sand by a mermaid who became angry with a fisherman for failing to keep a promise.

Other resources also suggested that the water here is not conductive for swimming. That explains why the lack of activity on this particular beach.

3 foreigners studying the black sand, while capturing photos on top of the black sand.

The sand on the Black Sand Beach are darker if compared to normal beach. However, the lack of maintenance on the beach makes it looks more polluted and dirty.

Next stop: Skull Beach.

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