Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Love Love Love - Lovers!

Short Note: A lightsabre shown in this entry costs about RM 500 per sword, and about RM 800 for Darth Maul's double lightsabre.

Time Square, and Bukit Bintang (Star Hill) are just places for lovers!

Really. You see, they have this movie carnival for the movie lovers. Not only they brought the share of new movies and trailers to people in Time Square. They also brought the movie fans back on their feet!

First, they had this...

The Nazgul.

Then, the have the V...

And, the StarWars family.

Jedi Masters meeting the fan.

The Attack of the Clone!!

The Dark sides - the Siths!

Even the LOTR fellowship (Gimli, Legolas and Gandalf??) joins in the fun.

More of the StarWars Gang! The good and the evil (Jedis & Siths)!

On stage: M-i: III game show..

They have various of activities going on from time to time. Also, they have participating companies from different industries joining in the carnival, trying to generate some new business leads.

First, we have the media industry - Newspaper.

Malaysian Today

Malaysian Today was conduncting some survey, trying to push their popularity in effort of getting more readers. For each of those who participated in this marketing research, they will be given a free copy of Malaysian Today, and 2 small packets of Biore wash.

Then, we had GSC with their Dragon Tiger Gate (龙虎门).

GSC is building database for their International Screening. They are giving away freebies, like free movie pass, t-shirts, discount coupons and etc., to those signing themselves up. Each signup entitles the person once chance to spin their very own wheel-of-fortune.

Short Note: Dragon Tiger Gate is the latest HK graphic-novel adaptation hit. Starring Nicholas Tze, Shawn Yu and Donnie Yuen (I think, better check the listing). The graphic-novel (comic-la!) has been around for almost 2 decades (as far as I remembered).

Ready to spin??


No idea what that dude got, but I had gotten myself 2 free passes for a chinese movie. (I attempted twice). The free passes I got was only valid for the movie Mahjong Master (打雀英雄传). I have yet to watch the movie.

Also, they have this gaming section (Game Industry).

PC Game (Their logo is wholely 'diverted' from the one of EA games, LAME!) is also participating in this event. They were just sitting side by side with the TMNet Streamyx point.

Taadaaa! All Original/Genuine & Licensed boxes of PC games! No pirated/illegal copies please! Each game costs about at least RM 120. But they were offering special rate at only RM 79.90 per game!! And, if you wonder why most Malaysians are going for the cheaper choice.

The two girls on the left are promoters of the PC Game booth. (If you can zoom this pic, till clear enough, you can spot some 'tattoo' on the girl's neck.) The tattoo was cute one, it's lip-shaped. So, putting it on the neck makes it as though it's a love-bite casted on the girls' necks. Again, I didn't have gut to ask them to pose for me.. *sigh*

View from the top, and the otherside of the rack. I must say that, there is this one game that triggers my interest. It's the X-Men game, called X-Men: Legacy.. or something like that. It seems that this X-Men game is made into the RPG-Strategy (RPG = Role Playing Game) genre, rather than the usual action cum arcade-fighting genre. I must check it out much later, go for cheaper choice!

Credit to the others who also featured in the Movie Carnival 2006!

AOE with their Re-Cycle booth partition.

Short note: Re-Cycle is the latest horror flick by the Phang Brothers who made fame with their highly successful horror The Eye, which had our Malaysian singer-actor Li XinJie (李心洁) won herself the Best Actress award in her debut film.

And, this Black Box (Theatre Screening). It was just a dark room set up just like cinema's seatings, while having non-stop trailers being projected on a plasma tv on the wall.

Special Thanks to Wall's ice-cream vendor, and the 'special' appearance by Tom Cruise..

Also NOT forgetting...

Those we do not see everyday...
Those who are around us, but we do not see them..


Zombie on the loooose!!!

These 2 dudes, especially the girl, did a great job in playing as a zombie.. or a ghost? Whichever it is, she sure brought the ghostly side well. Many of the patrons/visitors were given a good shock treatment when she just walked pass them emotionlessly. ;-)

That wraps up for the movie lovers!

More LOVERS to come!


Frank said...

what a good and interesting event...i wish i was there=)

a2blog said...

Yeah.. It was pretty interesting!
I like the lightsabre! Only if I can own one! *grin*

That's the upside of KL.. happening.. But then, I find the downside too much to my liking.