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langkawi trip: trip concluded

Day 3.

It was a Monday. It was time for me to leave the island now. Day started early for me as I needed to catch ferry to Alor Setar, then make a transit to airplane. Since my friend was heading to Alor Setar as well, I may as well bought the air ticket to fly from Alor Setar. I could have flew directly from Langkawi.

Morning View in Quah

The morning view in Quah was soothing. Blue sky, with nice cool breeze touching your face. The sun slowly shines through the island.

Pardon me with the lack of angle for the morning shot. I was restricted. I took the shots outside the balcony of my friend's apartment. There was no other choice.



The Jetty

We arrived at the jetty around 8am, and got ourselves a ferry departing at 8:30am.




Outside the jetty, while waiting for the departure.

The Airport in Alor Setar, Kedah

The ferry ride was approximately 90 minutes. This time round, the ferry was much better than the one I took in Kuala Perlis. Nevertheless, there was a similarity. Majority of the passengers in the cabin was Malays. I wasn't the only chinese around this time, but I was one of few non-Malay in the cabin.

After arriving the jetty, I went straight ahead to take a taxi to the airport. The Alor Setar airport is about 25-30 minutes drive from the jetty. Along the way, you can see many paddy fields. There weren't many highways, or big roads. Most of the roads are like the kampung roads (village roads).

Alor Setar Airport was pretty small and old one. It seems worse than our old Kuching International Airport (prior the renovation and reconstruction). Have a look.

5 check-in counters.

That glass-door leads you to the departing terminal.

Passengers waiting for time to go into the the terminal.. So M-A-N-Y people ah.. But the number of people eventually increased much later that morning. Most of them were taking the AirAsia flight...

.. same flight as mine. AirAsia is not my personal preference, but I had no other choice. MAS was offering much higher price. It's not worth spending that much on a one-hour-flight. Taking bus back to KL, means enduring another 6-7 hours bus ride during day-time, is not a wise idea for me, as it will cause fatigue. Furthermore, it's much tiring to take long hours bus ride during day-time. Travelling on the long journey on the highways during daytime could be really tiring.

The Loot

Here is the loot I got from the Duty Free Island.

Taa daa...

Not that much la.. But still a loot ma.. I had to spend a combination of cash and credit on the loot. *sob*


2 litres of liquor - Chivas Regal 1L, and Sheridan's Coffee Layered Liquor (I think it's also 1L)

2 cartons of Dunhill Red, King Size Filter. (I don't smoke! I swear it's a favor asked from my friend!!)


Last but not least... Chocolates! A dozen of Ferrero Rocher.. 2 pieces of Bisquil Liquor Chocolate (V.S.O.P).. and couple bars of Tablerone dark chocolate!

The Bisquil Liquor Chocolate tastes great! I still have some in my fridge! ;-)

Recommendation I have left out...

I have left out some recommendation in my previous entry, as I didn't take any photos on them. I'll just fill it up here.

I have been dining for two straight days in this chinese open-air restaurant. It's called Wonderland. It's not far fron the place I was staying, Quah. The food's nice, and the price was pretty reasonable too.

3 of us went for dinner there, we had grilled fish, dried-chilli squid, butter prawn, and kangkung belacan. That costs us RM 47, inclusive of drinks. 2nd time round, we had similar type of dish, but different style of preparation. It costs us RM 51. It ain't too bad for seafood.

Try it! ;-)

Now, if you're beer lover, you gotta love this. Beer is cheaper than soft drinks! Yes, a can of beer is CHEAPER than a can of Coke islandwide!

I have noticed that most of the cashier counters I visited in Langkawi, they are putting different 'dosage' of condom there. Normally, what we have in any counters, be it in KL or other city, are those small packets which comes with 3 condoms each packet.

Here in Langkawi, they're all selling by dozen! One box with a dozen condoms inside. I don't see them selling the small-box ones. Hmm.. I wonder if the need or demand of condoms are really this much? I didn't compare the price though. *wink*

Getting there...

How much?

  • Bus: KL - Kuala Perlis: RM 35
  • Ferry: Kuala Perlis - Langkawi: RM 15; Langkawi - Kuala Kedah: RM 18
  • Flight: KL - Langkawi: RM xxx (check for the best price), no idea on MAS flight.

  • How long?

  • Bus: KL - Kuala Perlis: about 6 hours (at night)
  • Ferry: Kuala Perlis - Langkawi: 1 hour (barring any engine failure); Langkawi - Kuala Kedah: 1 and half hour.

  • Flight: KL - Langkawi: approximately 1 hour

  • Where to stay?
    I bunked at my friend's place, so pratically free stay. But you can get a range of hotels and lodges to choose from, e.g. FourSeason Resort, or Tanjung Rhu Resort.. Chennai area has got a lot of budget places to stay.

    I would recommend renting cars to get around the island. It's a common practice there. This way, you can have a thorough tour on the island.

    The Equipment?
    For this trip, apart from my shirts and shorts, and swimwear.. I had these:

  • Camera: Olympus Camedia C-3030 Zoom
  • Tripod: Sakure 5ft-tall tripod
  • Mp3 player

  • That would do fine!

    Next island target..
    Probably Redang Island, Perhentian Island, or Tioman Island.. or maybe a more developed Singapore. Undecided yet, but will try to make it there! ;-)

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