Sunday, April 30, 2006

for those who love entertainment...

This post is targetting towards the entertainment lovers, those who love the entertainment industry/field. Yes. It does come with the menu in KL.

It all happened in the same day, same weekend.

For those who love music industry, we had some local flavor mixed in just in front of LowYat Plaza. In conjunction of some blood donation activities, these local young artistes were invited to perform on stage to give the donation drive a boost, while promoting their own career.

We had a list of young performers, and one newcomer.

It all happened just right in front of LowYat Plaza.

First to perform was Chen WeiQuan (陈威权).

Up next is Chen YiYi (陈依依).

Sweet looking girl, isn't she?

Then we have Chen RenFeng (陈仁丰).

From some source, he's a graduate from the same university as mine! He's an engineering graduate.

The two ladies sandwiching him are DJs from MyFM, Malaysia's famous chinese radio station. I find the girl on the right (the one with "I love MyFM" printed on the shirt) very sweet. Just nice.


Very much of the girl-next-door-type right? She's Ngan MeiYan (Cantonese pronunciation) of MyFM.

The DJs with the singer and the fans.

Next - moving back to Time Square, where there will be more entertainment awaits. The Movie Carnival 2006 also allocated some time for the dancers to perform on stage. These group of dancing queens flew all the way from Down Under - Australia.

The group had a blend of young and experienced talents.

The girls preparing for their dance routines for the performances.

Very strong Aussie presence huh?

Acrobatic moves by the dancers.


End of routine 1.

Eventually, they were not done there. The girls gave their best to hype the crowd up. Dancing and smiling, and even cheering to fire up the atmosphere there. Despite their effort, Malaysians, whom are shy in nature, didn't really join in the fun. They just stood there as cold as a stone. It sure took them a long long time to warm themselves up.

Change of costume for their 2nd phase of the performance. They were sporting a more sporty outfit this time round. (The girl on the far right seems to be the leader of the group)

"Come on! Let's dance.. Whooooawww.."

When they had this move...

Just see how the crowd reacted...

Stare, stare and more stares.. and probably *slurp* as well.

Finally, when the girls were done, they thanked the crowd and sent themselves back to the backstage the Aussie way. Waving the Australian flags, they girls retreated to the back stage. They are really proud to be Australians!


Frank said...

some photos u add blur effect yea? i wana c the aussie dance ler..haha!

a2blog said...

lol.. yeah.. i added a zoom effect there.

mainly becos most of the photos i took there.. hmm... sorry to say.. but they're blurred la..

the dancers are constantly moving.. and i didn't want to use flash.. so ended up blurring the images loh..

got limitations from my camera.. sad..