Tuesday, April 18, 2006

langkawi trip: day 2 - skull beach

Some photos from Black Sand Beach and Tanjung Rhu Beach, which I have left out. This entry has been delayed for way too long. I had been busy lately, mostly due to my work in office. Anyways, here I present you the conclusion, at least the last spot I visited, before I left the island.


The Skull Beach...

Skull Beach, known as Pantai Pasir Tengkorak to the locals, does not have skulls all over the beach. Nor does it shaped like skull (There is no Pirates of the Carribean effect here!). Skull Beach got its name from a local folklore. It was suggested that there was a bloody battle between the locals and the invaders (Thais) for the possesion of this part of Langkawi long time ago.

The water here is known for its clearness. The water was really nice, and so for the water for Datai Beach.

Enough said. Let the pictures do the talking.




A little friend looked lost on the beach..

It was still alive! I thought it was dead.

When I was taking these pics, it was around 6pm. So, I set myself on standby mode for the sunset shot. I didn't even bother to swim. I stayed on the beach, waiting and waiting.

It never really happened.

All I got was gloomy clouds, which appeared to be rain cloud. It was about to rain soon.

I was disappointed. No great sunsetshot like had in Phuket! Dang!

In the end, I went back, somewhat disappointed, as I couldn't really get the sunset shot I wanted. But still, it's a nice visit.

Up next, the conclusion for this trip. This entry has been long overdued.

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