Saturday, April 22, 2006

pikom pc fair 2006 @ kl convention centre: the review

Pikom PC Fair was held a week ago at the KL Convention Centre, and it's a shame that I am only able to post these up now. It had been a torrid (not that bad), and busy week for me. The deadline to signoff for project in office is closing by.

PC Fair was held from 14-16 April. This is a fair where all computer vendors were gathered together in this event, to offer a series of exhibition on latest gadgets, as well as price-slashing offer to the gadget fans. Pikom is holding PC fair concurrently in several venues, e.g. Penang's PISA sports arena, Kuantan's Berjaya Complex (I hope I got it right) and etc. Other venues like Malacca's Mahkota Parade and Kuching's Taman Kereta would be held on different date. You can log on to Pikom's website for further detail.

This time round, Pikom has expanded the venues by addding a few more halls to their exhibitions. The halls at the ground floor (Hall 1 to 5) are still dedicated to the vendors' selling point. The additional move, was the Banquet Hall. The last time I was there in December, I don't recall them having this. (Or do I have bad memory?)

Anyway, here's the venue guide for reference.

Conference Hall was appointed as an exhibition hall for Notebook resellers. There were vendors from a wide range like HP, Dell, Acer, Fujitsu, Sony and etc. I guess I am safe to say that there isn't much happening in this Conference Hall.

Also, there was a disappointment when I entered this hall. I remembered the lalst time I was here in the PC Fair, the first thing that caught my attention was few Sony girls greeting me with laptops and leaflets in their hands. This time round, there were nowhere to be seen. Not even the whole conference hall.

Next - Banquet Hall.

Banquet Hall was made into a venue especially for Audio System only. All the participating speaker vendors gathered there, displaying their products. They all wanna show off their respective products, blasting all their speakers with different tpye of music and noises.

Thanks to that, we have a Banquet Hall of Noise Pollution. I didn't stop by that hall long cos it was too noisy. I didn't even bother to go deep into the hall, noise pollution level was too much for my liking.

The Banquet Hall and the vendors. Creative was upfront in the hall. First partition you see once you entered.

Moving on to the next hall - the Ballroom. Now, this is the hall where I find more promoters around. This is a more happening hall. Most of the vendors are of Notebooks, though there are other type of prodcuts. I saw Haier booth promoting some gadgets that compliments with Microsoft's Media Center.

An overview of the crowd in the Ballroom.

It sure was a crowded Saturday. 'People mountain people sea'..

Caught in the act! This guy is snapping the pretty promoters of HP Booth.

The 3 girls in white top and jeans skirt, they are from the Haier Booth. You know what's on their shirt? A MS Window trademark logo, with a word Mula printed in front of it. At the back there, if not mistaken, it was Komputer Saya. That translates to "Start button" and the "My Computer" in Bahasa Malaysia. Freak!

Sony's booth. Always nice to see, just like its VAIO. But sad to say, their Sony girls this time round weren't as attractive as they used to be.

The Sony Girls out in action!

The BenQ girls.

The ViewSonic girls!

I must say, I have this inability to approach all these promoters to pose a shot or two for me. It's a shame. I didn't have the guts to ask them to do so. *sigh*

If it had been a motorshow, it'll be a different story.

Oh, another worthy to mention, the Toshiba girls' outfits were pretty impressive and attractive. Too bad I didn't have a clear shot at them. As Toshiba will be the official partner for the upcoming World Cup 2006 Germany, their promoters had a red football jersey-like slim Tee, with numbers printed on the back, with white short skirt. It gives us a sporty feel. Slick! ;-)

I think their pics are available in some forums out there. Man, I need to work on my guts to approach these promoters or models. Can anyone give me any advise on this? I'm kinda shy in nature. *blush*

Next Pikom PC Fair - should be around August.

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