Saturday, March 25, 2006

money - the pc hardware solution.

A week ago, I had a situation with my PC. Initially, my diagnosis was software problem. The system got jerky. So, decided to restart the system, and to unistall the suspicious software, which I thought was causing the problem.

Unfortunately, the system failed to boot up when I opted for restart. Just as I thought my data all loss for that cause, a lifeline came in. My friend thought I could try backing up my data in the drive using Linux-based Knoppix Life CD. We tried whole night via that, and it WORKED! Thank you Knoppix. Phew~! That left me sweating a bit.

I re-formatted the system, and tried re-installing the system. But, problems stucked there. I kept on getting error message from the installation. It kept telling me that files cannot be copied over to the hard drive. I thought, it MUST be either the ROM, IDE cable or the RAM. I ruled the possibility of my hdd having bad sector/corruption out, as my hdd was still considered pretty new. I purchased it back in 2004.

So I decided to pay Low Yat Plaza, a place where you get PC fair all year round, a visit. I bought myself a new 512MB DDR Ram, and couple of IDE cables. Came home and tried them out. And.. still the problem wasn't solved!

I was really getting annoyed now. I decided to swap my older hdd with the new one, replacing it as the Master drive on my PC. And, that proved my worst fear to be valid. My 80G Western Digital was the main cause. The system partition was corrupted.

That left me no choice, but to visit LowYat Plaza again the following day. Having spent about MYR 150 on the DDR earlier, now I need to fork out another MYR 260 for a 160G hdd.

Blooody dang, that bill costs me about MYR 400 already. Quite some chunk off my salary. *sigh* Why does shit happen all the time?

Anyway, I am not complaining too much. I have got larger capacity now, with more RAM, which helps me a lot on my PC performance. 200G of harddisk space, with 768MB of RAM. (I wonder if the 256MB I took out from the system is still usable?)

Pretty fast. Yeah~!


Anonymous said...

~ damnnnn geeezzzz 200G!!! many space hor,gonna download porn ka..?? *sillyyy* hahahhaha =D ~

a2blog said...

Great suggestion there. Any source to download? Hehe..