Friday, March 10, 2006

back again

a2blog is back, again. It's been a long time since I last update this blog. Hopefully this time, I'll be able to do this on a consistent basis. I, personally, had gone through a lot of changes during the period of time.

I had been thinking through on what concept I should inject into this blog. I am looking for a not so personal, yet entertaining and informative elements for this blog. I will leave my old entries as it is just for now. Won't be removing it just yet.

Nowadays, we seem to be going into a asymmetric trend. We have hair style designed that way, fashion leaning towards that trend as well. Our very own national car isn't much of an exception. Here, I present Proton Gen2 with asymmetric rear tyres!

Take note of the Left wheel! As you can see, it's smaller than the one on the right! It must be hard for this Gen2 to balance itself. I guess that explains why he was going about 40-60kmph on the highway!

Here, a closer look...

Weird huh?

a2blog is now quite messy, and needs a face-lift. I'll clean it up bit by bit, for sure. For now, I'm content with this temporary new layout. Hopefully, I can come out with my own layout. ;-)

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