Tuesday, March 14, 2006


It has been about five minutes since I am logged on to now. Yet, I have nothing in my mind on what to write yet.

I wonder how other bloggers do it. I am a regular reader in few blogs around, e.g.,, and even one of my old pal Val, they all seem to capable to update their blogs regularly with quite some interesting content. I wonder how they do it.

*sratch head*

I still don't get it.

10 minutes later...

Oh, I think something just came up into my mind. CAMERA!

Yeah, CAMERA! Somehow that came into my mind, and I don't know how!! Anyways, speaking of camera, I am missing my old camera badly! I'm referring it as old camera, though I still have the camera with me here, as it's not functioning well already. I am considering for replacement already.

My digital camera used to be Canon A70. It worked great! There are so many functions I could play around with. The macro was great. It has long shutter exposure. It also has apperture priority setting! You can click on the link for more details.

Here's how it looks like.

I bought it around August-September 2003, not too long after it was released. It has been with me for almost 3 years. It has served me well alright. No doubt about it, capturing many happy moments, and fantastic shots as well.

It has had problems prior this. I have sent it back to Canon to claim the warranty while its coverage is still valid. Back then, it was just some minor problem with the "Review" selector. It was somehow stuck. After that, there was this 'flickering' problem emerging on the Display screen. I had sent it for service in Canon, and it costed me MYR 100! Problem did not solved there. It still persists.

Sigh. Now, it has problem with memory card. I don't know why the pictures it captures, would have been corrupted. Odd eh? I have made an exchange for the CF card, but the problem still stays. Sad.

I have not sent it for servicing since that time, long long time ago.. But on second thought I don't think it's worth it.

Here are the replacement I am considering:

  • Canon 350D (don't think this is an exact replacement)
  • Canon ixus-series;

  • or

    Any other affordable range of consumer-ranged camera.

    Any suggestions?

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