Friday, November 17, 2006

fashion show @ WOW, civic centre

" Warning: Serious bandwidth sucker! Large images ahead. Please proceed with caution. "

This is a long overdue post. Continuing from the preview the other day, here are some of the selected shots I had that night.

The show displayed an array of fashion galore, showcasing from sexy wear, casual wear to elegant gowns.

For more photos, click here or here. (I am in midst of uploading all the selected photos, it'll take some time for all of them to be ready for viewing.)

The finale - Models of the night with Phillip, owner of My Wedding Collection bridal store, on stage.


Frank said...

oh my i js saw tat jerk Philip on ur blog. He's very puboh, u could ask James.

allen said...

ah? what happened?

hmm.. maybe discuss this off record. don wanna taint my blog with bad stuff. :P