Saturday, November 18, 2006

world of women @ civic centre: the set up

" Photo Note: This photo merge, or panoramic shot, was taken hand held. Therefore, do pardon me for the distortion there. I didn't bring my tripod along that time. "

Earlier this month, World of Women (WOW) Expo was in town. The event was held in Civic Centre, Kuching. WOW, not to be mistaken with World of Warcraft, is an exhibition themed for women.

I had no single clue of what the exhibition was about until I was there myself.

The hall was half-filled with bridal booths, it seemed as though a season for wedding. The event was a three-days-running one, with different theme of fashion show capping the night off.

I only managed to cover two of the three shows in total, with one already posted prior this entry. I'll post the other one soon. The one I missed out was the bridal show. Click here, here, here and here, and here too, if you want a glimpse of the show. They're from Irene and Jimmy.

The participating companies include France & Taipei, My Wedding Collection, White House and etc. Simon's Way was there to introduce new way of looking good and feeling good. There was also new concept all the way from Kuala Lumpur (as they claimed so) - graphic-craving on chocolate, ideal items for wedding party/gifts. I didn't get all the companies which were there.

As for the whole event. I thought the flow, and the way they set up the booths aren't quite optimal. They could have done better. It's all one way flow from the entrance to the stage for fashion show. Just piece of my two cents.

Nevertheless, it's always good to have such exhibitions and show running in Kuching. It's great for the community.

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