Thursday, November 16, 2006

when you are jobless...

When you are jobless pennyless here in East Malaysia, you can't even afford reading newspaper daily.

It costs a bloody RM 1.80 per copy here!

Now, let's do the Maths to see how much it costs for a month's subscription:
RM 1.80 x 30 = RM 54.00

Comparing to the RM 1.20 per copy, it costs 50% more to read the paper here in the East!

Can someone come out with a better solution to overcome this situation? Maybe we can have a printing plant here?

Generally, it costs more to read here. Books, magazines and novels cost more here. I believe it is due to the transportation involved. Sadly, we do not even have a decent bookstore established here in the East. We have no MPH and we have no Kinokuniya. We only have a small Times outlet, and two Popular bookstores. The rest of the bookstores in Kuching are half-filled with academic references for primary and secondary schools.

Someone, do something?


Frank said...

dun read The Star lor. get local newspaper would be cheap enough, RM1 per copy.

hopefully after completion of new megamalls in kuching, there will be a Kinokuniya...

allen said...

when you've spent so many years in the peninsula, it's hard to quit TheStar. I prefer the layout and the content there.

Local newspapers cover most of things happening locally only. Not quite reaching out that much towards to world out there.

Frank said...

i find the penisular newspaper more interesting n classy too=)

allen said...

hehe.. drawback for peninsula news paper is - they always neglect things from the East.

too much.