Saturday, November 25, 2006


My cousin had just bid goodbye to bachelorhood on the 23 November 2006. Registration was completed at Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (National Registration Department) at Satok. Pictures, names would not be released until the wedding ceremony is near.

Cheers and Congratulations!


Jimmy CHAI said...


this is the second one in your blog announced a life-long commitment relationship, yeah? wish everyone well, and yu too, and find sth for a decent living, good?


yiaw kwang

Anonymous said...

hehehe...thanks for the

Photos and names would not be released until date is =P

allen said...

yiaw kwang: yeah. it's the 2nd one. don't know who's coming up next. hehe.. don't know when my turn will be. :P keep visiting my blog to see who's tying knot next.

anonymous: no problem! hehe..

13th Panda said...

You will be next mayb?LOL!!

congrats to your cousin!

hey, i heard frm someone your phototaking skill is not bad..remember to upload some photos on the wedding (no need to be on the couple ya, i respect ppl's privacy)

allen said...

panda: LOL!
I'd only be the next if u're willing to do a matchmaking for me. :P no candidate now ah.

im flattered to have someone singing praise to me. :P thanks thanks. LoL. Really, I am still learning. Pretty raw at it still.

the wedding ceremony will only be held in near future. :) pretty near.