Monday, November 13, 2006


Here's something for all of you to ponder.

In Malaysia, we have several TV stations established. We have government's broadcasting stations TV1 and TV2. We have privatized media group, Media Prima, who owns TV3, 8TV, ntv7 and tv9. And of course we have subscription-based media - Astro and MiTV.

Now, our focus here is on ntv7. Take a good look at ntv7's logo below:

When I first came across the World Section in TheStar news paper, something caught my eye...

It was this logo, in front of some American senate giving speeches. I thought I saw ntv7 logo there. But when I looked closer, I was lost. I didn't keep that piece of article. But this was definitely what I saw.

Both logos are referred from here and here respectively. (Source:

How creative can the logo designer be? Or, he's just being smart?

How about infringement? Or borrowing idea? Or all news networks share the 'idea' when it comes to logo design?

What's your say?


Frank said...

yea i noticed tat long time ago. for goodness sake why the designer cant think of something on his own.. or maybe is the old fashioned boss wants exactly the same.. as u know in Malaysia those things happen...copy here n there.... mensiasoikan saja.. -_-

allen said...

yeah.. weird. maybe out of budget? maybe.. i don know.. -.-

should hire me ah.. i'm jobless. :(

Irene said...

Yes, very long time ago already got liau ahahah... really aiyoo...

allen said...

come. let's hail our "malaysia" boleh spirit! :P