Thursday, November 30, 2006

movie review: Happy Feet

" Poster Note: This movie poster is googled and borrowed from here, for better visual illustration in this write up. "

Happy Feet: Latest magic presented by Warner Brothers Production. Happy Feet was released on the 16 November 2006 here in Malaysia, and other regions/countries may have different release date. You can check it here, at the official website.

How could I resist watching this on big screen when Happy Feet has such a strong voice cast lined up for the production. Just take a look at the names they have: Elijah Wood (Frodo: LOTR Trilogy), Hugh Jackman (Wolverine: X-men Trilogy), Nicole Kidman, Brittany Murphy (Sin City), Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith: The Matrix Trilogy), Robin Williams and etc. Even without linking the names to the database, you would probably know who they are already.

A little note on Happy Feet: Late Steve Irwin featured in this film as Kev. The producers dedicated this film to Steve Irwin.

As usual, I will skip the synopsis. You can read it better ones on the official review sites.

The tagline for Happy Feet is "Warning: May Cause Toe Tapping." Well, it is well said. In fact, I think it is more than that line has to offer.

Happy Feet is a movie which really touches the audience. It touches you not only from the storyline aspect, it touches you visually too. Credit to the visual effects team, they managed to create every texture possible in the film, and made them so real. I mean EVERY one of them. The fur, feather, the snow, the ice, the steel, the pebbles, the fish, the sea lion's skin, the sky... and the list grows on and on and on.. You will just have to see it to believe it.

Mumble (voice by Elijah Wood) is the tap-dancing penguin, and boy the young Mumble looks really cute. In fact, all other young Emperor Penguins. I bet, if you are watching it on IMAX, you must be tempted to reach out to lil' Mumble and try to get hold of him. He's just so adorable.

On top of visual satisfaction, you will be indulged with wide range of music track throughout the movie. In Happy Feet, each Emperor Penguin use their heart songs to win their partner's heart. So, if they want to mate, they just sing their heart out, and win a chick penguin's heart. Another impressive note, Robin Williams voice was featured for multiple characters in the movie. His voice was cast as Ramón/Lovelace/Cletus.

Note: Happy Feet was also made 3D presentation for IMAX: think BIG.

Enough said, if you have not catch this movie, go to your local cinema now before it's too late. Now, let the icy lands melt your heart.

p/s: I love this quote from the movie, one of the many memorable quotes: "hear somebody wanting something... ME!" - Ramon.

" End Note: This movie also blended real life actors and animated characters. Honestly, it's pretty tough to tell which is real, which is CG. Also, the movie is rated as U: suitable for everyone. Hence, no uzi was used by the country's censorship board. "

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