Wednesday, November 29, 2006

silver line in gray cloud

It's been cloudy for me since the day I touched down in Kuching last month. A friend then had told me that there is a silver line in every gray cloud. Indeed, there seemed to be.

On my job hunting, there is nothing confirmed at the moment. I shall post a small update here once things are finalized.

On other note, my true identity seemed to have blown away after my visit to Jambu. I was attending a birthday... gathering, or party? Whichever it is, it was my friend's birthday, and she gathered few of her former classmates to celebrate for her. I was one of the only two seniors around. Boy, I was old.

Couldn't post anything on the restaurant here, as I gave my camera an off day, and I am using a classic-no-camera-color-screen-and-waiting-to-be-replaced-phone. If you wanna kill your curiosity, have a sneak peek on Pink Cotton's. Might do a proper review later if chances arise later.

Photo of the Day:

" Photo Note: Sunset in Kuching. This sunset photo is one of few random shots I have made almost every evening. "


babyphoenix said...

cantiknya! me likey!!!

allen said...

thanks thanks! ^_^