Thursday, November 09, 2006

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" Short Note: I subscribed Astro service just for NBA games and EPL matches. And now that, there's no broadcast on NBA live games, I've made loss by half with my 'investment'. Argh! "

It's been a while since I last wrote sports-related article. I haven't got the inspiration to write nor the mood to criticize/praise any sporting event/team of late.

In England, things seem to go well in soccer. Manchester United is now three points clear of last season's champion Chelsea. Although United fell victim to giant-killer Southend in Carling Cup, things still look good for them.

New season for NBA has raised curtain with few surprises around the league. Utah Jazz and New Orleans Hornets remain unbeaten after 4 games. Defending champions Miami Heat was humiliated by Chicago Bulls in season opener with a 42-point defeat. On the other hand, Phoenix Suns (1-3) and Dallas Mavericks (0-3) are rooted at the bottom of respective divisions.

Late last month, F1 has bid farewell to legendary racer Michael Schumacher when the Ferrari ace decided to retire after season ends. Salute to Schumi. Renault's Alonso took the title second year in a row. As for MotoGP, Valentino Rossi failed to retain his title, as his rare mistake cost him the title. American Nicky Hayden took the crown with his 3rd place finish for the final circuit.

Enough of the words. Here's the photo of the day combo.

Photos of the Day:

Photos were taken in Berjaya Time Square, KL. AND1 (Malaysia) Basketball held their regular streetball challenge in Berjaya Time Square. Seen here is the side events - Slam Dunk Competition. Two of the youngsters attempting to dunk it home. Neither participant emerged as the winner. Of course, there was no Skip-2-my-Lou, the Professor, or any of the AND1 stars making cameo appearance.

" Worth Mention: A friend of mine drover her boss's Cayman, and she was so excited about it. It was a MUST for her to tell the world. I just happened to lend her a hand in telling the whole world about that. ;-) "

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