Thursday, November 30, 2006

movie teaser-trailer: The Host (Gwoemul )

" Poster Note: Posters are googled, and are borrowed from both here, and the official site. "

The Host: I can't resist to post this as trailer/teaser. This upcoming Korean monster flick is certainly the BEST monster movie ever in Asia. The movie is due to release 30 November 2006 in Malaysia, but I don't think it is released yet here in Kuching.

Play the trailer and enjoy it...

In case the movie doesn't load, click here.

There's one good reason why it is worth checking out in the cinema - WETA Digital, who made the famed LOTR trilogy, was responsible for the digital effect, mainly bringing the creature to live on screen.


helen said...

oh seems interesting! I believe it's a must watch. I love korean movies

allen said...

yup! indeed. now i must get myself a movie date liao. :P