Sunday, June 04, 2006

asian x-game @ sunway lagoon

Warning: Please proceed with caution. Heavy load of photos ahead. Patience is much appreciated. (Tip: It's much heavier than of the Batu Cave entry!)

Caution: This entry is rated PG-13 (Parent-Guided). Kids, NEVER EVER try this at home! Not even with Honda Boon Siew.

These are long overdue photos. I have not been free lately. Just right after this event at Sunway Lagoon, also after spending time my friend, who came over to KL for about a week. I had to attend course as mentioned in my last two entries.

My friend was sent to KL for training by his company. So, before his training started. He thought of going to Sunway Pyramid. Then, driving all the way from Wangsa Maju to Sunway Pyramid, which took approximately.. 40 minutes? I think.. couldn't recall.

Anyway, we reached there around noon. After walking about the shopping complex, we had nothing better to do. And decided to go into the Sunway Lagoon, since they have ESPN's Asian X-Game going on. Might as well be part of this world-stage (at least Asian) event.

We had to pay RM 28.90 to get into the WaterPark, in order to gain access to this ESPN Asian X-Game.

I must apologise for the heavy load. The fun was just too much to be missed out. The uploading seem to have a threshold or something. I can't seem to upload any more after fitting all these to this entry. I guess I'll have to spilt the entries again.

The party begins..

Recap: The side activities going on concurrently with the X-Game competition. The stage is made for some mini concert/carnival party purpose. The host, by no mistake, is Belinda Chee of Kuching, Sarawak. This Kuching lass, I believe, has been finding success in the Show Production Industry.

Sunway Lagoon..

Recap: Sunway Lagoon Waterpark. It sure is the place to have fun, and some mini-breakaway from the city for the city folks. They don't have beaches here in Kuala Lumpur. So, Sunway Lagoon Waterpark offers the perfect splashing-weekend-fun-solution for these people. My friend and I were really tempted to jump into the water. The only thing held us back was our attire - Jeans and T-Shirts. We didn't prepare for the water fun when we set off for Sunway. -.- We, at least I, truly regretted it!

The Motor-X special performance...

More actions...

Recap: The gravity-defying, daredevil feat/stunt performed by the Pros. (I must apologize, as I do not have sufficient information on these celebrities. I am not into these type of motorsports.) Really, never attempt these at home, or even on the road/highway. If you insist on doing it, by all means, please seek professional advise and training first. Cherish your lives!


babyphoenix said...

wow... extreme stuffs!
though i prefer those skateboarding or rollerblading kinda stunts!

p/s: ur entry reminds me of my last visit to sunway lagoon.. had heaps of fun there!

a2blog said...

yeah extreme ones!

i missed out on those events when i was there. these are merely entertaining program. the main competitive events are of skateboarding and rollerblading..

hehe.. i think this is at least the 2nd time i remind you of your past trips eh?

*hint: coming up next.. hot wheels??