Friday, June 16, 2006

many thanks!

Many thanks for those who remember! Some pranked before wishing, some just wish. Regardless, they are meaningful wishes! ;-)

I received all the text messages all over the lands out there. KayKayBee, Land of Borneo (Kuching), KL, Malacca, and... a far, faraway text message from Perth! Thanks Jun!

Thank you soo much.. Now.. I wish I can have this or even better... this!

*evil grin*

Okay. On top of that. I am 7 days away from being HOME! I will be HOME for 7 days! YESH!

*updated: Happy Birthday to a friend who is born on the same day as I am, and all others who is born today! Happy birthday!**


babyphoenix said...

happy bday allen :D
getting older BUT wiser now..

a2blog said...

thanks thanks!

i'm officiall old now..

eMiLyWoNg said...

wuah no need to hightlight KaYkAyBEe gua!!!! anyway happy bday once again!!! do remember mine ok? hahaha

a2blog said...

hehe.. thanx emily! thanx!

will sure remember yours.. always. ;)

Irene said...

I guess I'm too late ;p happy belated birthday to you.

a2blog said...

it's okay irene. thnx! it's not really too late.. it was on the 16th.. 16/06