Sunday, June 11, 2006

klims06: hall #1

2 visits to the show has resulted this - I have more than 400 photos taken (after filtering). I really have no idea how to post them all here. I had no clue how to sort them out. In the end, I have decided to go by halls in Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC). I think that is the best way to walk one thru an event.

5 halls were used for the KL International Motorshow 2006. And, I'll start off with the participating manufacturers/companies in each hall. Do note that this is just a highlight of the event covered. There are other details which I had left out.

We start off with Hall #1. In this hall, the more notable participants are Bridgestone and Proton-Lotus. I have these two captured on my lens, and those I have left out are the likes of Hicom, Chevvy (Cheverolet) and etc.

In any motorshow exhibition, do expect Bridgestone to emphasize on their partnership with Formula 1 powerhouse Ferrari. Bridgestone and Ferrari had forged a longtime partnership in the motorsports over the years.

Other than motor vehicle, Bridgestone is also one of the main tyre supplier to aircrafts (either Boeing or Airbus, can't really recall). With that, they could boast on their status of being one of the world-class tyre manufacturers around.

The wheels...

The babes..

The crowd flashes their camera, and the models posed on for the lenses.

Note the little kid on the right. He must be thinking, "Wah.. this jie jie is sure sexy.." OR if you do recall scenes from Meet the Fockers.. probably same thing as the baby had in mind in the movie. ;-)

Strong partnership between Bridgestone, and Ferrari.

Proton, Malaysia's first national car manufacturer, was one of the exhibitors in the first hall. Proton, whom is also owner of British carmaker Lotus, had the more sporty-looking Lotus car displayed there.

Proton also constantly work with the Lotus team to improve the Proton's design and handling. Few of the past cars include Proton Satria GTi and Proton Perdana V6, not forgetting Proton Waja too. Here, Proton lined up their very own concept car - the APX, Aluminium Performance Crossover. Don't ask me too much about it, I just happened to snapped the info on spot. The text turned out to be rather blurry, and I don't want to be too wordy here. I guess you can always google it, if you're interested in knowing more. It is listed as a 7-seater. Check it out.

The concept: Proton APX - A Lotus handling.. BUTTugly, serious!

Proton Gen-2 with Zero Kit, don't mind the passer by in the way. I didn't take 2nd shot as I didn't realize I also include him in the frame. Sigh.

Lotus - they demonstrated on how you dismantle one by hand :P

A1: Driven by former F1 driver Alex Yoong. He made a guest appearance there, but I missed out on him.

Er.. the babes..???

I don't know much about this one, but it seems it is connected to Fiat. The model it is displaying there, seem like a fun car. It is a 1-seater, and it can transform, just like the Transformers! Cool eh?

The wheel.

The babes.

The specs.


babyphoenix said...

i just love the Bridgestone model ( the one the kid was looking at) She's preeeeetty HOT! did i just said that out loud?! ;p

a2blog said...

:D She is one of the leading vote getter for the motorshow! ;-) i guess that explains why even kiddo cant get his eyes off her.. :P

more to come!