Friday, June 16, 2006

world cup update

**Updated as at 16/06/06, 7:30pm**

Spain 4 - Ukraine 0
Viva Espana. That was what the Spanish fans were singing in the stadium when the Spaniard won by the largest margin in the tournament to date. Spain played as the most stylish team this far. They played balancely neat in defence, midfield and attack. The flow just never stopped from the Spaniards. They kept attacking and attacking. When needed they put up a solid and disciplined display in the back four.

The only harsh decision was the sent off for Ukraine's defender. It was too harsh. New blue recruit Shevchenko had little impact to the match. They were simply outclassed by the classy Spanish.

Scorers Xabi Alonso, David Villa (2), and Fernando Torres.

Tunisia 2 - Saudi Arabia 2
Missed out. Didn't even felt like watching. Hehe.

Germany 1 - Poland 0
Missed out. But it needed a sub and injury time to settle the score between the two sides.

Ecuador 3 - Costa Rica 0
Missed out, was having steamboat. :P But another early goal scored within 10 minutes of the game.

England 2 - Trinidad & Tobago 0
England won this encounter... sloppily. It was not even a convincing display from the Lions. Sven kept faith with Crouch, and I personally think that is the regret Sven is to bring along as he steps down afer the summer.

Crouch will get the vote from me for WORST Striker ever! He did not capitalize the chances created. He managed to redeem himself 8 minutes before time to head in England skipper's wonderful pass.

Becks was surely hardworking throughout the match. Stevie G secured England's sloppy victory with a long range shot in the injury time.

Bright sign: Rooney's return, though lacks sharpness, has injected positive influence to England's game.

Too sleepy now.. Goin to sleep first...

Up next:
Argentina v Serbia & Montenegro 9:00pm 16/06/06
Holland v Ivory Coast 12:00am 17/06/06
Mexico v Angola 3:00am 17/06/06

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