Friday, June 09, 2006

feeling older

*clearing throat* *ahem*

I am feeling old. In fact, I will be MUCH older in 7 days' time.

p/s: the photo is totally irrelevant. the whole entry is totally random.


rebel_heart said...

i LOVE that picture :D

a2blog said...

really? thanks! tried to be arty.. :P

will make a post on these pics much later.. after the motorshow photos..

gonna flood your bandwidths! lol..

rebel_heart said...

lol go for it :D

Frank said...

nice pic.. implying when is ur bday huh? haha..

babyphoenix said...

older and WISER! ;p

a2blog said...

thanks.. the setting where this pic is taken is really nice. will will post some of the photos much later.

wanna post photos.. but England's coming! make ways!

"Make a hole! Make a hole!" - 16 Blocks, starring Bruce Willis