Friday, June 23, 2006

i'm leaving on a jet plane...

..until they called.

I was suppose to be humming the song happily while packing. Instead, I'm feeling grumpy and fed up right now.

"Hello Mr. Allen Ang, we are sorry to inform you that your flight has been cancelled."


"We're offering you a replacement flight, would you like to go for the 7am flight or the 11am flight?"

WTF?? They giving me such a short notice! Shyte! Argh!

I rarely have good experience with AirAsia. In fact, NEVER! Now, they have done nothing good to impress me. Things are getting worse now. I am totally disattisfied with the customer service/support. I make them calling me to have my confirmation on my replacement flight, and I have yet got a call from them.

I made them calling me cos I know it's HARD to get to their line! And their freaking customer helpdesk operates until 9pm ONLY! WTF!! It ain't 24 hours support! IT SHOULD BE A 24-HOUR SUPPORT! I am totally pissed off now!

AirAsia - Now everyone can fly... my foot! Bah!

Disclaimer: This post is purely meant for venting frustration and pressure. There is no defamation intended to any party at all. Please do accept my apology if you find it offended.


nsoonhui said...

hi, I'm Soon Hui here...first I'll like to pass of some rants against the blog hoster...I don't expect to register a blog account when I want to write comments, and yet this was what exactly happened. Besides that, I got a lots of other complains that I will rather not go through here.

By the way, don't be too offended by AirAsia's customer support. Keep in mind that they are offering the lowest air ticket and some glitche should be toleratable, I think

babyphoenix said...

thank you for flying with Air Asia! - Right!

helen said...

*fingers crossed* hopefully they dont cancel my flight soon~ =__=" *pray hard*

rebel_heart said...

LOL dude. . shouldn't it be if you find it offensive? Anyways, don't fret too much. . shit happens. You hang tough kay (:

enhaw82 said...

wah piang...wat if they cancel my flight to bangkok for my company trip...

a2blog said...

思念, where r u flying to?

mel, i managed to fly nevertheless.

enhaw, u will hav to crawl all the way to bangkok lo.. everyone can crawl =P