Monday, June 12, 2006

klims06: hall #2 part I

Hall #2 was a pretty large hall, accomodating a large number of participating organizations. I couldn't fit them all in one entry. Joining the family of Hall #2 are the likes of Hyundai, Brabus, Renault, Nissan, Naza, Panasonic, Sony and etc.

Hyundai is the official partner of World Cup 2006: Germany. Hence, they inject some World Cup atmosphere to their booth. Nicely decorating. If you do follow up closely to the ongoing World Cup tournament, you will see Hyundai's logo around, especially on the team bus which the soccer stars board.

WorldCup Fever: Soccer in the air.

Hundai Azera: Slicky saloon-type vehicle.

Hyundai Getz

Hyundai Coupe

Evonne Liang, a familiar face I have seen over the past few months. She was in PC Fair last April @ KL Convention Centre, and she was also at Berjaya TimeSquare which I blogged about earlier in May. A sweet-looking lass. It's kinda late to ask for vote now, but her voting number was "159".

Hyundai Ambassadors

My favourite.. model/ambassador not included.. hehe.. I personally like this type of vehicle, the Santa FE, and Tucson, which is more visible on road in our country.

I have not got much information on Mutiara Motors, but it seems to me that it provides accessories for car modification. Greddy seems to be one of the brand they are offering. And the RX-8 on show was the limelight for MutiaraMotors. Later, I was also told one of the three ambassadors they have, topped the Ambassador Voting list. I can assure you that they trio are really sizzling HOT!

The HOT wheels..

... AND

... the HOT babes!!

I wonder what will you look at? The ambassador? or the Mazda RX-8's specs?

Clarion is one of the leading brand in car audio system. Unfortunantely, I am not really a car-audio-guy, nor I am a car-guy. I have not got much information for these, so, I cannot write up much. Just enjoy the pics I have here! ;-)

Personal note: I think she looks somewhat sweet, eh?

Kenwood, another leading car-audio system manufacturer. If you're into car-audio system, you would have been induldged by what Kenwood offered on the spot. It was really sweet! Again, no technical details/information taken from the booth.

The Ambasaddor: Kenwood has 2 or 3 of them, but I don't couldn't locate the others other than this.

JRD is no stranger being a household name. JRD is one of the well-known rim maker in the industry. They offer rims for both motorcars and motorbikes.

JRD Ambassador: Cecilia #164. She has kinda the-girl-next-door type of look, hasn't she? She was not on this outfit when I re-visit for the 2nd time on the following weekend. The other picture will NOT be available here.

<... to be continued>

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