Tuesday, June 20, 2006

going home

I was going to post this one a little bit later, but with the connection being unpredictable the last few days, I'd better post this fast while I still can browse the net.

It's 20/06/2006. (Cool number huh?) I'm 3 days away from going back home. My flight is scheduled on the 24/06/2006. Will be having a week-long stay.

Because of that, there will be even less updates while I am back there. There is NO broadband connection at my place.

Lastly, just a wild attempt. Does anyone wish to meet me up? Probably we can hang out or discuss any prospects of opportunities? Hehe..

If you do, drop me an email at, or just leave a comment here. Leave your contacts in the email/comment. Thanks heaps!

* Add on:
Geez. I forgot to 'censor' my mobile number. Lazy to re-edit the picture there. So, you can also gimme a call or send me text messages. Cheers!


Frank said...

u din censor ur hp no..beware of gays ah..nowadays many gay bloggers hunting for men...haha..dun worry im not one of them.

a2blog said...

haha.. mm.. yahor.. thx for reminding..
but shud b ok la.. my look was not made public yet..

babyphoenix said...

u leaving on a jet plane.. ;p

a2blog said...

yeah phoenix.. i was about to 'sing' that a day before i set of for the flight..

babyphoenix said...

lol.. i always thought of that song whenever i'm going off by plane.. i dunno, it's just happen..

a2blog said...

same here same here.

i always put that as my ym's status whenever i'm flying off during my varsity days.

it's a nice song, isn't it?