Thursday, May 25, 2006


Short Note: Wanted to update a new entry last night. But shit happened. For no reason, I couldn't go online. Will update tonight, after I'm back. Will be going to KL Internation Motorshow: Revisit!

I wanted to write out about this last night, after I reach home from the course. But, something just spoilt my mood. Crap. The problem is still here, will get it fixed over the weekend.

Anyway, it still doesn't beat the experience I had in StarHill Gallery. As I mentioned before, Day 2's lunch is to be at Enak Restaurant. Enak Restaurant serves Indonesian cuisine. There are not set dishes. Instead, we had this all dishes served up at one go, and we dined like one big happy family.

This Indonesian cooking is nowhere like what we always have in mamak stalls, nor it tastes like any typical Malay restaurant. For appetizer, we had this small portion of mixed fruit thing. It is somewhat sour and a little bit spicy. It didn't look fascinating. But, when I had the first taste, It just couldn't stop having the second, and the following scoop. It was really nice.
We had beef, egg, curry fish, vege, and.. gee.. there is one more.. but I can't really recall. It sounds ordinary (maybe cos I don't know the exact dishes' names) right? But they were all simply delicious. The gravvy of curry fish (at least I think it is..) was heavenly great when you had it on the steamed rice they served you. Beef came in as the most tasty food to bite on the table.

Hmm.. I am really bad at describing food. I'll just stop here. That paragraph looks horrible. LoL. In short, I never thought that such simple looking food can be so tasty.

As for finale, we were escorted to the Shook!

"The Shook! Best of Asia and Europe" (I think that's what their tagline is.)

If so, then the tagline says it all. Basically, when you're dining in the Shook. You're actually eating art. Here, we were served on course meal. We had some Italian appetizer, which comprises of cheese, olive leaves, tomato and etc. Bad memory with the name.

Next, we were served some Mandarin Fish soup. It has this shark's fin soup look, just that it doesn't have shark fin in it. It tasted... fishy.. but great! (Now I wish I have photograph to help me in the descriptions!)

For the main course, I chose Cube Beef with Green Pea. (This is the closest name I could ever remember!) After the main course, comes the dessert. It was apple pie, I think it's French.. (Not American Pie.) Can't really recall.

All food served was in small portion, and was all presented in a very artistic way. Everything was arranged nicely, and very beautifully. Like I said earlier.. You're simply eating art!

I am lazy to write now. Here's a photo of the Korean restaurant Koryo Won @ Feast Village, StarHill Gallery.


babyphoenix said...

aww.. u should have taken some pics.. so we can all drool.. ;p

a2blog said...

yeah.. i wish i could. i dont have a petite camera. bulky ones are inconvenient to bring around..

i dont wanna freak those ppl out with me taking pictures of the food with the biggie cams!

maybe next time la.. ;)

babyphoenix said...

ur using cam with SLR?

a2blog said...

lol.. noooo..
i wish i have one.. but eyeing to buy one soon..

in the negotiation state.. =P and serious consideration to buy one..
i'm using a broken cam..


babyphoenix said...

i wish to get one too :D *dreamy look*

a2blog said...

Let's get one!

Selamat Hari Gawai.. :P