Monday, May 22, 2006

korean lunch @ feast village, starhill gallery

It's rather unusual for me to post an entry without a photo. But the heck, I'm gonna log this here still. 'Cos the experience was too good to be missed!

I am sent for an external course by my boss for 3 days, starting from today (22 May 2006). The course is on AS/400.. I won't go too mucn into the details with my business there. The three-day-course was scheduled to be at JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur. As soon as I arrived this morning, I was lost. On the memo, I was told that the course is to be here. To my amusement, the hotel staff said it was on the other building. Despite being puzzled, I just followed instructions, rather.. directions.

I was led to penetrate from JW Marriott, through StarHill Gallery, and to this eventual venue, The Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur. Boy, sure YTL Group's boss is mega rich! The Staffs' etiquette there was excellent! Well, they better be! They are serving in a very, very high-class hotel.

Enough on the hotel. The lunch throughout the course is set to be at the Feast Village of StarHill Gallery. Day 1 was at Koryo Won Restaurant. Day 2 will be at Enak Restaurant, while the Shook completes the finale.

I can't seem to get a direct link to the Koryo Won's restaurant's website. Just click here. Then wait for the flash to load. Do expect for a... I don't even know.. wheteher if it's a French or Italian lady singing. Then, move your mouse to Feast > Koryo Won Korean Restaurant (or any of these two: Enak and the Shook).

Koryo Won Restaurant is a Korean restaurant, and of course it serves Korean food. Duh?? I can't remember what I ordered, it was some Korean name. My dish was rather simple. A steel pot filled with beef stew. The soup comprises of sliced marinated beef, onion, and some ingredient I was not familiar with. It serves with a ball of rice. While the rest of the table (I was sitting with 3 other participant, and the trainer.) ordered the bento style rice - which comes with a selection of beef, chicken, cuttlefish and.. I forgot. :P

The bento also comes with side dishes within the container, e.g. kimchi, vege, salad, chilli, fried shrimps and etc. As for me, I didn't just lunch with the soup and white rice. The waiter filled up the centre of table with 7 small plates, each with various type of mouth-watering side snacks (it seems like snack). Those small plates come no different then those you get in the bento container, with just addtional of clams, and mashed potato.

It was an exciting dining experience at Koryo Won. I got free flow of hot green tea, which came timely as the classroom was chilly! It was unfortunate that I didn't have my camera with me, not to mention that my phone is no camera-phone. Sigh.. I wish I can have this, this and this. Else, I could illustrate the whole scene better. I am never good with descriptive writings.

I don't think I will be bringing my camera anyway. The camera is so bulky. It's not like I can keep it in my pocket.. Maybe I will get some shots over some weekends or so.

Can't wait till tomorrow - Enak Restaurant.

End Note: I am really not familiar with Korean stuff, so apologies if I make mistakes in naming the food. :P If everything goes well, I think I will be going for a Japanese Buffet this weekend! ;-) AND.. It seems like I need to get myself a new phone soon!

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