Monday, August 28, 2006


A week ago, it was her birthday, just as any previous years. However, this year, it means something special for her.

Her prince made the move, proposing to her on the eve.

The outcome?
She nodded and said yes to him. They're engaged now.

Congratulations Mich! Happy 'belated' birthday, and congrats to your engagement!

" Photo note: Borrowing my photoshopped photos taken way back in April. I guess this photos can pass as a wedding/engagement rings shots, right? "


Soon Hui said...

Hey, you are referring to that her, aren't you? Why not just mention her name?

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks. That's a nice one. =)

a2blog said...

SoonHui: er.. i did mention her name.. scroll and read gain..

anonymous: is that you, mich?