Thursday, August 31, 2006

merdeka day

31 August 2006 marks Malaysia's 49th Annivesary of Independence.

Malaya declared independence from English colonial in 1957, but Malayisa wasn't formed until 1963, where Sarawak, Sabah and Singapore joined nation with Malaya.

Technically, Malaysia has been around for 43 years. But in general, Malaysia is recognized as 49 years old.

Happy Birthday Malaysia. Happy Holiday.

" Short Note: My mom's same age as Malaysia, she was born in the year Malaya achieved independence. "


sin-lin said...

yo...allen-sama, nice pic you had there... got a nostalgic feeling to it.

a2blog said...

thanks sin-lin chan! arigatou! hope i can upload more.. :P

however, a fren suggested to crop the edge..

i think i should sign up for flikr or deviant art already.