Friday, August 04, 2006

haze in malaysia - a seasonal thingy?

When you talk about haze, the first image that hits me is the 1997 case, where my home state - Sarawak was severly affected.

The state was declared to emergency state for a week. There was no classes, no work, nothing! We were urged to stock up food and water in the house, and STAY in the house until the haze eased down. Sigh.. thinking of what happened back then was really sickening.

Too bad digital camera wasn't a common thing back then, I don't think there wasn't even digital camera around. Else, I would have showed the world how it was like having your vision blured so badly, that you don't feel like opening your eyes at all!

I was in KL in 2005 when haze hit our country again. I took some of the older photos I took in KL to show the difference between before and after.


Ya.. ya.. This ain't KL, it's Kuala Perlis, I just thought of showing nice scenary before going into the awful sights.


These were taken almost a year ago, mid-August 2005. For your info, this was taken in Bangsar Putraline LRT Station.

Looks like post-war aftermath huh? A dead town. MidValley Megamall was supposed to be visible from there! (I think) -.-"
Okay la.. It isn't really THAT bad. I took the pic in sephia mode. But the result was scary, right?

Here is the actual view that time, taken in normal mode.

Bad huh?

I hope haze won't hit us that badly this year. It had been somewhat hazy in KL here recently. Enough is enough. Why do we need to suffer from other's misconduct? Sigh..

If you think those were bad, wait till you see what we had back in 1997. I think we had our A.P.I (Air Pollution Index), used to measure the air quality, breaching the 1000-mark.

Haze, a season in Malaysia? I just hope not!


babyphoenix said...

nice pretty pics... i like the b4 haze pic.. very nice... me likey!

Soon Hui said...

Indeed, it seems so terrible to have haze here and there

a2blog said...

thank you amy. thank you.. :P

soonhui: no one likes the haze.. it's awful.. yucks!

Frank said...

ya i remember 1997 one.. we all stay at home watch tv nia. hahaha..

Irene said...

Sick.. these few days kch getting worst. Ewww.. hate the smell of haze, the wind is big but too bad it's polluted air.

a2blog said...

1997. i watched harrison ford's... gee.. what's that movie's name? ah.. Air Force One.. In ROXY.. during haze! Haha..

irene: you sick? don't la.. saw ur pic in ur blog there.. u take care!

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