Sunday, July 30, 2006

a dark day

***Updated: Click here for one of the local newspaper report. It's in Chinese. Buzz me if translation is required Here for the English version***

I got this message over my Y! Messenger.

It appeared that a student in my former university had fallen to his death from his apartment. It was not known if it was suicidal or accidental. I saw the photos taken after the incident, which were posted to the forum.

I chose not to reveal the photo here in respect to the deceased.

Let's mourn with a minute's silence.

God bless the soul.


Pink Cotton said...

oh dear! so tragic...

may he rest in peace

a2blog said...

yeah.. tragic it was.

may his soul rest in peace.

it seems more likely to be an accidental death, rather than suicidal.

for those who read chinese papers, i think you can find the report in sin chiew.

or2ng3s said...

when is it?
may he rest in peace ~

enhaw82 said...

it happened in the new apartment opposite the MMU side gate...near the contingency lab sister staying in the apartment...different block though

a2blog said...

or2ng3s: happened on sunday noon.

Soon Hui said...

actually i don't know who he is....mind to tell?

a2blog said...

Soon Hui: i don't know who he is too. He's in Beta FBL Student. I think it's stated in the news link there. His name and all. Just click on the link.

harada57 said...
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