Wednesday, July 12, 2006

something i must continue

I had been carried away lately, by work, and some appointments, and also WorldCup. I left something behind, and I think I should continue with it...

Also, I think I need a proper space to share these photos.. I just can't resist uploading them..
Sorry if it takes up all your bandwidth.

Less words, all pics!

Nissan: SHIFT_the future

Nissan 350Z Fairlady

Nissan Brand Ambassador: Pretty lady.

Nissan Concept SUV.. or MPV.. Sports MPV? Gosh I can't really remember, I'm bad with cars.


NAZA Ducati

...and I wonder why I left out Nissan Murano, it was one of my favourite cars. Hmm..


babyphoenix said...

woah... still got lots more car collection.. i tot u've finished posting bout it...

enhaw82 said...

got murano meh??? i also din notice...too many hot distracted :p

a2blog said...

Amy: Yeah, a LOT more to go! LoL. I have had about 400+ in total? :P

Enhaw: You didn't notice too? I think should have, it's on the left side if we were facing the stage.