Sunday, July 16, 2006

lack of update

I have not got much updates here lately. I could not managed posting anything lately just because:

  • I was busy, not much time for myself (cos of work & 'appointments');
  • KL was hazy (hence, not much photos to shoot); and
  • I was stressed out.
  • No money (no travelling) *updated

I am very seriously and actively paving my way back home now. Land of Borneo prepare for...

Allen Returns.

A random review:
Since February 2006, I have been to:
  • Langkawi (April 2006)
  • Malacca (May 2006)
  • Batu Cave (May 2006)
  • KL International Motorshow 2006 (May-June 2006)
  • Kuching (June 2006) It's still a trip right? I took a bloody 5 days off just to go home!! Blardy!
Life looks good since I could go places within 4-5 months eh? But still it ain't as good as it seems. Sigh..

Somebody save me, please!


Interactivi-T said...

Just...lack the heroic kick :P.

a2blog said...

it was never meant to be anything herioc.

herioc or not, at least i could produce something, not just talk. =P

babyphoenix said...

the image that u created somehow reminds me of matrix... maybe it's the color?

a2blog said...

yeah amy, maybe it's the color. probably i'll try a matrix version next time! hehe..

Soon Hui said...

Home sweet home...I start to miss Sarawak as well

a2blog said...

dont' we all miss home? *sigh*