Sunday, July 02, 2006

it's all over

It's all over for the pre-tournament favourites tonite.

Following the fall of Argentina and England, Brazil just fell from the grace. They were beaten by the 1998 champion France by a goal. So, it will be all European line up for the Semi Finals: Germany vs Italy, and Portugal vs France.

For England, Rooney couldn't shine as the saviour; while for Brazil, Ronaldinho was never a wizard throughout the tournament. Miracle never happened for the two giants.

The current semi finals line up is not even close to what I predicted. There is no choice, but to renew the prediction.

2006 Final will have Germany against Portugal. Winner: Germany (I don't really wish them to be the champ).


13th Panda said...

LOL!! I find it very funny when Brazil and England lost..dunno why...

a2blog said...

wah.. why so funny wor? sad la.. it's a tragedy for footballing world le..

no South American football in the Finals. that means no attacking display loh..

European teams approach the game more defensively.. :(