Sunday, July 02, 2006

when i was in kuching..

Short Note: I gained 4-5kg over the one-week-stay in Kuching. -.-" Tsk.. tsk.. not doing me good on that..

Birthday Dinner @ Kim Gary
My ex-housemate was generous to give me a treat at Kim Gary on my birhtday (which happened 2 weeks ago, before I set off to Kuching with AirAsia - Now everyone can cry fly!). In return, I gave her a treat to Pixar's latest hit movie - Cars. Car's a nice show! Its running time is about 2 hours long.

As for the dinner, we tried the steak with rice and spaghetti. It was just okay. Now, I prefer other HongKee style restaurant. Drawback for Kim Gary is that they don't have item photos in their menu. As customers, I really have no idea what I am ordering.

Regardles, a big thank you to my dear ex-housemate! Cheers!

Meanwhile, back in Kuching...

A Visit To Bla Bla Bla...
I spent one of the nites meeting up with ex-classmates in Kuching. One of them had returned from U.K. She wanted to visit some interesting cafes/outlets in Kuching after having to read so much about them on the blogs over the internet.

Bla Bla Bla.. : The interior (Ground Floor)

So, Bla Bla Bla.. was the choice of destination. It was not my first time visiting, however, it was my first visit to the ground floor area. During my previous visits, I was led to the upper floors only. So, it's somewhat new for me. My priority for this trip back home was not to do reviews and shooting photos. I just wanted to spend quality times with my friends and family. So, there wasn't much photos to show. Pardon me for that.

Cameo Appearance by my UK-based Buddy ;-)

Love of My Life
Also, I managed to meet up with the love of my life. No, it wasn't any girl, and surely it wasn't just this pair of Nike. I grew up having so much influenced by cousin bro, and friends, and they had injected this passion to me as well. I just love playing the game.

I personally love just any sports, but I only play basketball more. I love watching soccer, or footie, but I have never ever kicked a football (competitively, or a game) before. Basketball was just my life.

During my varsity days, I could almost play it every evening. However...

Since moving to KL, my fitness was taken away from me, by the hectic schedule and lifestyle here. I barely get to play already. Sad.

Nevertheless, I still managed to play for two days back in Kuching. AND, I shone well on the second day. It simply gave me the ultimate satisfaction.

I felt like I could fly again..

Decisions are clearer now. I shall architect my way to find a new base at home now. Let's just pray for the best now.

Just do it.


babyphoenix said...

the all-in-one post... hehehe..

say, the place in kch is really called bla bla bla??? :p

a2blog said...

babyphoenix: lol.. ya.. all-in-one.. hehe.. lack of update over that week ma..

yeah.. that place is called 'bla bla bla'.. hehe.. u can refer to or

both of them reviewed that place before.. if not mistaken..

babyphoenix said...

oh okay.. interesting name :p

a2blog said...

yeah.. bla bla bla..

hehe.. i doubted the name when i first saw it too.

come over and try it yourself. they serve pretty good food. ;-)

Frank said...

blablabla is a nice restaurant.. btw long time din see ur UK buddy yin liao lor..she looks prettier now hehe^^

or2ng3s said...

hey, gain 4-5 kgs in a week..that's a lot friend!~ If yin can gain like you, even better eh? 2 weeks 8-10kgs.. i wonder that's too much for then? *giggle*

a2blog said...

hehe.. yin, see.. frank thinks you look prettier now.

hehe.. the pig nose was no issue. :P

the nose was resulted from the slightly long exposure and moving object. and my focus wasn't u lo, i wanted to take the pandan drink. hehe..

a2blog said...

or2ng3s: haha.. well, what to do? mum feeds me with great food, food in kch is great too! better than of KL's.. hehe..

yeah, yin should gain like me!