Monday, July 24, 2006


Some random photos, taken for the past few weeks. I haven't had the cam with me around lately. Missed out on a lot. Some more, haze surrounds KL like a thick force field. Petronas Twin Towers are merely visible from my place here. Sigh. I'm gonna look for my old archieve, see if I still have pics of what happened a year ago.

Random pics that can project life in KL.

#6 is my favourite number, also number of months I have been with my current employer.

A meal in Kim Gary.

A Ferrari, Modena? I think, spotted in SS2.

Fiery Storm happened in KL/Klang Valley area last Saturday. Too bad I haven't got camera with me yesterday. I saw the aftermath of the storm, it brought down the tiled roof of a car dealer, bringing the whole thing down. Couldn't believe what I saw right in front of my eyes!
If you can notice, that's how KL drivers are like. Snapped this pic while I was trapped in jam.

Petronas Twin Tower, KLCC - a better view in the evening despite the recent haze attack.

The Ferrari and Twin Towers photos credit to my cousin, Steven. He snapped the photos while I was driving!


babyphoenix said...

should bring ur camera out on a date more often ;p

psst.. i like the twin tower pic :D

a2blog said...

amy: the cam i am having now is bulky.. aint really that portable and mobile.

yeah.. i like the twin tower pic oso.. :) there are plenty of nice location to take the tower..

harada57 said...
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