Friday, July 21, 2006

july and the z, the zy and the zees part time klia cabbie of july

** updated**
I think I can do this as my part time income, part time cabbie driver. Anyone wants to go airport, just call me at my number. Or give me a buzz! ;-) hehe..

My trip back to Kuching dated on the 24 June 2006. I drove to KLIA - LCCT. I was in Kuching until July.

And since then, my life has been filled up with Z's, Zy's and Zee's. And it's the month of July!

I have not had much of my own time since I returned from Kuching. I have been busy with World Cup, work and my friend and cousin were both here!

In July I have been bz serving as a driver around KL. :P I was a driver not only around the City area, I was even a 'part-time' cab driver! I sent and fetch people to and from the airport!

Let's see the recap of my trip to KLIA in the past month!
24 June - I drove to KLIA-LCCT (to send myself to airport, catching flight to Kuching)
10 July - I sent my friend's mom to KLIA-LCCT
11 July - I fetched my friend from KLIA
15 July - I sent my friend to KLIA
18 July - I fetched my friend from KLIA-LCCT
19 July - I sent my cousin to KLIA.

Dates which most likely I will be going there again!
23 July - Sending friends to KLIA-LCCT.
30 July - Sending mom to KLIA.
10 August - Fetching parents from KLIA-LCCT.
15 August - Sending parents to KLIA-LCCT.

Look at those frequencies! I think I could have easily be voted as visitors with most visit to the airport in the past month! (If you count the staff and taxi drivers out)

Cos the issues I have, the work I have, and the schedules I have had, I have been BZ, lazy and in need of Zzz!

Still no new photos to show! Sigh.


enhaw82 said...

The LCCT is a good idea for cost saving...but wat's with the connecting public transport....damn inconvenient..onli got skybus to KL damn little...

Frank said...

wah nex time oso book ur taxi lor..kakaka!

a2blog said...

EnHaw: LCCT is a bugger terminal. AirAsia wants to cut their operational cost. It's bugging inconvenient to travel if u got more luggage. As if the SkyBus Flies..

I just don't like it. Never liked AirAsia anyways.

Frank: Haha.. like that oso can ah?

helen said...

can u go to KLIA and give me a ride to catch my flight with airasia on 26th jul? HUR HUR HUR~ ^_^ only 1.5 hours time span in between though..

a2blog said...

helen.. what time's ur flight?