Tuesday, January 02, 2007

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Happy New Year!
A short update for the new year - 2007. I went to Palm Beach at Sematan during the eve of 2007, and stayed overnight. And, when I returned, I had downtown to my body system.

I'm down with fever since my return, and in no condition to do any updates here. Feeling dizzy and tired, and heaty. How nice if i can discharge my heat somewhere. On top of that, the broadband connection has been miserable since I returned. It actually worsened before I left off for the trip.

Thanks to Ann a.k.a. luxferi for recommending Heroes to me. I've finished 8 episodes since last night. =D

Happy New Year, have a blessed new year!

As soon as I'm back to myself, updates will follow suit, including the one on this:


Merv Kwok said...

Happy New Year mate! So, how many of Ann's pics turned out good from that night at Bing? LoL

Pink Cotton said...

get well soon!
itu lah..hiao lah..go sematan lah


allen said...

merv LOL! heaps of them were goner! =P didn't process them from RAW to JPEG

Pink Cotton yeah.. trying to get well soon. Sick. Hate it! =(

luxferi said...

Hey, pleasantly surprised to find your little thank you note here. ;) You're welcome.

Hahha... pink cotton marah you again. *lol*

allen said...

ann i always give thank you note one le.. and yeah.. PC always scold me.. Why ah??