Wednesday, January 10, 2007

movie review: Night at the Museum

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Night at the Museum: Everyone has been telling me that Night at the Museum is awesome, yet I couldn't watch. I was down with virus on 1 January, and was not able to do much except to concentrate on recovering.

I finally made the effort to watch it, and it paid off well. Night at the Museum stars Ben Stiller as Larry Daley, who desperately needs a job to keep his son, abide to the child custody's law. For more movie synopsis, you can refer to the official website.

Night at the Museum is truly a wonderful, magical comedy suitable for people of all ages. As night falls, life in the museum turns exceptionally happening. All the displays in the museum came alive!

Some interesting items on display include, a T-Rex (a.k.a Rexy) with dog-like behavior, a gum-loving Easter Island Head, Teddy Roosevelt, English-speaking Pharoah Ahkmenrah, who claimed to have his English education at Cambridge University, Sacagawea, Roman general - Octavius, Cowboy dude - Jedadiah and Dexter the monkey.

Shawn Levy, a director no stranger to comedy genre, had truly put a show on this one. With Ben Stiller as the lead actor, and not to mention Robin Williams, and Owen Wilson, it is a night to remember in the museum.

It is impressive to see American history and other world history came alive and walk around the museum. You have the waxed and miniature running around the museum. I utterly felt young after watching the movie. Plot is rather simple, yet the comedian trick is rather good. Very nice.

Night at the Museum is a movie which makes you hard to forget the characters in the movie, and you would wish to relive the movie for as long as you could.

For those who has watched the movie, remember the taxi driver towards the end there? Don't you think he looks familiar? The eyes and the forehead? Don't you think he looks like Eddie Murphy? He sure resembles Eddie, but he ain't Eddie. The man is actually Charlie Q. Murphy, Eddie Murphy's brother. Interesting eh? For those haven't watched the movie, take note of the driver. Cos, it's just a cameo appearance.

Overall, it's a good comedy for everyone. Pardon me for the lack of write up to this, I am really tired, and sleepy. It's tough for me to hunt for words at this point. Need to work tomorrow again. I recommend this movie! Thumb up!

" End Note: Owen Wilson and Steven Coogan really added spice to the movie with their respective characters - Jedadiah and Octavius, they're simply cute and hilarious! REMEMBER - They don't like to be manhandled! "


Merv Kwok said...

haven't watched it myself yet but from what i saw from the trailers, looks massively good hehe

allen said...

merv it's nice merv! =) Should watch it! Pardon my write up in this movie, i don't think i wrote well. but it's a fun movie to watch =)

or2ng3s said...

yeah! i watched that and i've great time in the cinema!

emilylee911 said...

i just came back from pyramid...watched with my fren..i laughed like hell in de cinema...ahhahaah yea it is a very hilarious movie! i love it...really had a good laugh!! owen wilson is cute...ahahahaha...all of them r cute indeed! yeah yeah!

13th Panda said...

*thumbs up*