Saturday, January 20, 2007

the happily-ever-after chapter begins...

" Birthday Note: Happy Birthday to Jun, who turned 26 on 19 January. "

23 November 2006 was a special day for them.

It was the day they were declared man and wife, opening the chapter to happily-ever-after phase.

They were legally announced as man and wife at the National Registration Department in Satok, Kuching.

The couple listening (and repeating) to the officer reading out the oath.

Finally, deal was sealed with signature. By law, they are declared as man-and-wife.

They're now good to go as newly-wed. Their ceremony will be held on 6 February 2007 at Trinity Church, Ellis Road. It's about two weeks away from now.

They're not the only couple among my pool of friends to wed this year.

  • Next month, March: A friend residing in Selangor will be tying knot with her man in Lion City.
  • In June: my coursemate back in the varsity time is getting married too.
  • Later this year, probably in November: It will be old pal's turn, who is currently residing in New Zealand, to stage her big day in her life.

Congratulations everyone!

" Photo Note: Photos of the couple here is published after obtaining their verbal consent. "


Pink Cotton said...

hahaha very nice photos

woo so many of your frens huh? cupids must b very bz working lo these few mths...hahaha

hope they manage to aim their arrows on you soon! ;)

or2ng3s said...

kekeke, how come he bridegroom looked so so so serious in there.

hmm, like pc said, hope cupid aim their arrows on you soon ya! =)

allen said...

pink cotton thanks thank. finally you're saying nice things to me! I'm so touched! this is so memorable!

orange haha.. big day for groom ma, so look serious lor.. thanx for wishes. hope arrow strikes me soon huh? =)

babyphoenix said...

wow... sooooo many weddings ya...

allen said...

amy yeah.. many weddings. but, don't count on mine to be in the list. no idea when it'll be.

Soon Hui said...

Allen, you should get one as I am your supporter all the time:D

allen said...

soon hui get one? you think buy an item from shop ah? It's not easy to meet someone you like.

allen said...

soon hui added note: thanks

Soon Hui said...

It is nice to see our friends get engaged and married, sudddenly I feel like going back to kuching and stay there, begin my own chapter of happily-ever-after-story..haha