Friday, January 26, 2007

football update

I heard this over the news on radio.

I came back and check on Soccernet.

I got a confirmation on this.

Chelsea, backed by Russian rich from Roman Abramovich, are in crisis now. It is proven that money can buy stars, probably short-term success, but not in long run. Chelsea, recently lead all sort of headlines on the papers, are seemingly falling apart now.

Earlier, speculation surrounded the Blues Manager - Jose Mourinhno, after their dip of form. Now, their star recruit over the summer had publicly stated that he had chosen wrong team during the summer move. Weeks ago, it was reported that Chelsea's tactics favor Frank Lampard more than German Captain - Michael Ballack.

German captain, Michael Ballack, in Chelsea color.

He should have joined Manchester United instead.

At the same time, it was reported Jose Mourinho have had enough of Arjen Robben's attitude in the club, reportedly on course falling out of favor in Stamford Bridge.

Money buying long-term success? Think again.


Soon Hui said...

Gosh... your resentment on Chelsea really runs deep

allen said...

soon hui not that my resentment on chelsea is running deep, just that it's one of the hottest headlines around the footballing world. it's hotter than the Galatico's exodus in Real Madrid.