Thursday, January 04, 2007

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I heard a calling..

I heard a calling from somewhere..

Destiny is calling, should I answer the call?

With over $14,000 worth of prizes is at stack, what are you waiting for? Join me if you wish. Deadline is Midnight, GMT on January 12th, 2007. It's a short notice. No point for you to think of how to compose a spectacular shots now, cos one of the rules stated that photographs submitted MUST be taken in the year 2006.

Photographs submitted should have EXIF information intact. For more details, click here. You only have few days left before the deadline.

Now, I need your help. Help me to choose one of these photographs I have shortlisted here to be submitted as an entry to the contest. Please vote at the poll at the corner of the blog.

If you think there is other photographs from me is worth a shot to the contest, by all means, do nominate here. You can dig in some of my work in my deviantArt, or my flickr.

We have short time to decide. Thanks in advance! =)

Fashion Show - 11 by ~alieninspire on deviantART

Smile by ~alieninspire on deviantART

Father and Son by ~alieninspire on deviantART

Shopaholics by ~alieninspire on deviantART

Fashion Show - 12 by ~alieninspire on deviantART


kenJJ said...

Smiles is the best among the others you posted in this post.

Louis said...

i concur kenjj... i like "smiles" too

Irene said...

Love that father and son shot. So sweet.

or2ng3s said...

same thought with irene, the father and son is nice... give ppl a very warm feeling.

nevertheless, i like all ur photos. i think they are great.

allen said...

oren ee.. thanks.. *blush*
ken louis irene thanks for comments too! =)