Sunday, January 28, 2007

Love & Joy Through Music & Dance

Love & Joy Through Music & Dance is a charity concert jointly organized by Lions Club of Kuching IXORA and International Music House.

It was held in Kenyalang Theater, Kenyalang Park, Kuching.

Worth mention: The Halili-Cruz School of Ballet troupe, which was regarded as "The Most Outstanding Ballet School in Asia", was featured as special performance guests.

The followings are the preview for the night's beautiful sight.

Juniors playing the instruments.

Conductor at work with the junior musicians.

Choir + 2 solo singers = Great music!

More updates to come, very soon! (I hope)


thwen said...

Hey Allen!

Choir! I missed it all! Too bad the event was held in Kuching, and not Kuala Lumpur or somewhere in the Klang Valley...

You take good pictures too! Hmm, how did you get to my blog anyway? And what do you mean by "food eye for pictures!"? I don't really get it.

Cheers, Hui Wen

allen said...

Hui Wen Hey there, yeah, I was rather 'surprised' to see event with such fine quality here in Kuching. Having spent most of my years in Peninsular prior to this, I was quite used to the scale there. You're from KL?

Thanks! I don't quite remember how I got to your blog. =P Through other bloggers? I think.

"food eye for pictures" was just typo. I was dead tired. Pardon me for that =P

thwen said...

*laughs* Oh! I thought it was either some serious typo or a really witty phrase that I did not understand! You're forgiven. =)

Well, I'm not originally from KL. Was born in Sungai Petani, Kedah; Lived in Cheras ever since I'm 2 years of age and Spent most of my life studying in KL, haha!

So, where are you from originally and how come you're in Kuching?

Yeah, it must be through other bloggers (unless you had a vision of my blog's URL) haha!

Pink Cotton said...

hmm trying to look for a^ben ...kekekeke

i would hv been there if i was not in kl lor :P

Soon Hui said...

Was our friend Alex a conductor?

allen said...

hui wen thanks for being forgiving. =P

so you were born in kedah, and residing in KL ah. =)

I'm a Kuching lad, born in Kuching. But drifted to west msia since 2000. only returned to homeland Oct 2006.

*LOL* yeah.. from other bloggers. =P but not sure who. well, i have yet to develop the far-seeing power. =P

allen said...

pink cotton a^ben not in the photos posted. will post those up when i have the time later. been busy busy oh. >.<

Come to the next one lor (don't know when that's gonna be)

soon hui yeah.. the conductor is alex. ;)

CreditNurse said...

Juniors playing the instruments were so pretty that I couldn't look at them without smile. It was an excellent charity concert!