Thursday, January 04, 2007

bloggers' meet @ Bing! (deja vu?)

A late, late entry.

Ann, Luxferi of Translucent, called on for yet another meet on 29 December 2006. We were to meet at Belle Italia at RH Plaza, BDC.

Merv, guest of honor for the night.

The usual suspects showed up - Robin, CCC, Frankie, Ann and husband, Ken, Ben, and Uncle Ho. There was an unexpected guest - Pink Cotton. We were quite a noisy bunch in the restaurant.

Since many of already updated on this event, I shall not further elaborate the details here. Photos shall do the talking.

Ah Ben-g, smiling cheekily with the dimples.

Ann's prize asset, her victorious loot from ebay.

The ever cool Uncle Ho.

The arrival of Robin and his sidekick, CCC??

The ever sporting Uncle, and the ever-camera-shy Pink Cotton.

Anna extended the meet to Bing! Coffee, so that Mike could catch up with us. I brought Louis (whose pet Schumi is a chick-magnet) to the meet as well. Hmm. All was well, until my babe camera gets endless molest and groping from Ann =( She couldn't get enough from her.

Enough said, the rest.. the photos from the night.

@ Bing!

Kenneth focusing to take a shot.

That's what bloggers do - snap photographs!

The painting.

A Hiro-fan.

Group photo, with everyone there, and me holding the camera! =D

Cute side of Frankie

Photos credit to Ken who snapped this photo. (You want me to mail these two pieces to you? Let me know)


a^ben said...

wooooo~ u have skills leh~ snap my pics till so sui` hahahhaa! later ppl disappointed when see me in real life ah~ hahaha :P

*snatch pictures*

Frank said...

aduhhh my pic!!! i look so old~~~~ not enuf sleep-_-"

robin said...

hey ah ben,
ahahahaa, dun worry lah, u so photogenic, no matter how you snap also turn out nice one !!

hey allen,
ahahahaa finally the entry up and running.. I didnt realize u curi curi snap my camera from behind !! isk isk isk...

Irene said...

WAH! Merv... I think I saw him somewhere before. Very familiar face. Kuching is really small. I heard that Pink Cotton is using the same camera as I am :P hehehe...

allen said...

ben snatch pictures where ah?

frank no la.. it looks good enough.. haha.. kawaii ne

robin yeah, i've recovered! i've got fast healing power! muahahaha!

irene you got premonition of Merv? You got powers too eh? Cool. =P LOL.. Yah.. Pink Cotton is using ixus oso le.. don't know if it's the exact model or not.

13th Panda said...

wah, seem like u guys have had a great time huh?


or2ng3s said...

and i know that blurred face gal!!! wahahahaha... 'x'

allen said...

panda yeah.. quite fun. Come join us next time? =)

or2ng3s sure you do.. come join us too! =P